SPSS founded in 1958, has been the lively heart of our community for over 60 years. All of us have countless memories of enjoying plays, tennis tournaments, weddings, and social events for all ages at the Summer School. Some of us may even remember our time as a camper. We rely on the time-honored custom of enrolling our children and grandchildren in the SPSS to learn to enjoy sailing, tennis, the arts, and the natural sciences. Such a vital institution cannot be sustained without attention to its basic needs, and this is why we are seeking your help to ensure that the magic of SPSS continues for future generations.

We are ecstatic to share that we are 85% of the way to our $600,000 goal as of March 2019—help us with the final push so we can celebrate together this summer!

Please Click Here to view the full Case for Support booklet.You can also click below for summaries of each component:

Now more than ever, the Summer School serves as our community hub. The growing size of our collective Small Point family means more and more children are attending SPSS, and the rest of the community has come to rely on our facilities as a welcoming, communal resource with a unique atmosphere. It is time to address our aging infrastructure and to create a long term plan for its care. To survive and thrive, we need to pull together to secure a sustainable financial base for this cherished community institution.

We ask for your support.